Example applications

Pi Linux applications: As remarked in one of the other demos, Raspberry Pi is a full-fledged computer. Many Linux applications run without modification, while others have been ported to Raspbian. A software defined radio application Gqrx as well as the popular GNURadio signal processing tools both function at least in a basic way under Raspbian Jessie (see photos). A NooElec R820T dongle was used to exercise the software defined radio.

    Gqrx demo: TARC_net.mp4

Small touchscreen

    A special variant of Raspbian runs on a small LCD touch screen. I tried this, but cannot recommend it.  Taskbar icons were all scrunched up. It was difficult to touch exactly the intended screen element
, even using a stylus. This small touch screen plate from Adafruit may have some use in the context of a dedicated Pi application, or with a different OS configuration than the one I tried.

    Finally, although of no relevance to radio or electronics experimentation, I have written about porting a heavy-duty database application to the Raspberry Pi here.

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