Debouncing a pushbutton: This demo is about a small part of another project in which a pushbutton switch (momentary on) will be used to cycle through a few options, similar to the way a wafer switch would be used.  In this project the options are different AF filters, each enabled through an analog switch, specifically one-fourth of a 4016.  That part is not relevant to the demo.

    When I constructed the switching circuit on a breadboard, pressing the button advanced the switch through a random number of options, not just to the next one as was
intended. The pushbutton’s contact was making and breaking multiple times within the switching rate of the TTL circuit (details of which are not particularly relevant) —I intend to describe the whole thing later. The present demo deals only with debouncing the pushbutton. The method used is the same as described in a beautifully instructive YouTube video by Derek Malloy.

    Demo: TTL/debounce.mp4

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