Becky’s Birds

Blue Heron
Blue Heron

    During the first week of February 2014 a family of bald eagles came to our neighborhood.  It has not been very long since bald eagles were considered endangered and were protected by law.[1] Fortunately, the United States national bird has made a strong comeback and is no longer

Eagle Adult Eagle Fledgling Taking Flight
Adult (parent) Fledgling Taking Flight

    An often misattributed limerick goes, “A wonderful bird is the pelican / His bill will hold more than his belican / He can take in his beak / Enough food for a week / But I’m dammed if I see how the helican!” - By Dixon Lanier Merritt, not Ogden Nash [2]

Four Pelicans Pelican in Flight Afloat
Wonderful Birds Graceful Descent At Rest

    Becky’s bird photos number in the thousands. It could take days just to look through them all. Here are three more not-quite-random selections.

Red-winged Blackbird Cardinal Osprey
Red-winged Blackbird Cardinal Osprey hen with fledgling

Injured StowawayLong-distance Stowaway
    Finally, two stowaways... The injured bird in the photo on the left alighted on Mazurka twice, at six-months apart!

    The little fellow in the photo on the right hitched a ride aboard the Carnival Fantasy, all the way from the Bahamas to Charleston.

For more of Becky’s photos including scenes from the city and harbor, as well as more birds and other vistas of nature, please visit her QRZ page.