Index to Musings

    Most pages are in the form of essays. A few are photos or other formats, as noted.

Albino Manuel DaCosta Ferreira
Antennas: 20 meter magnetic loop
Birds (Selected Photos)
Celestial Navigation
Delphi and Pentominoes
Demos (Kits and projects)
Dots and Dashes (Morse Code)
Equinox Noon Sun
EWD.js Studies
Himself (Biographical Timeline)
How to Print Music Large Enough to See
Ireland 2014
Java and Netbeans (Miscellaneous Notes)
Kernel by Subtraction (Reduced VistA)
Kits and Projects (Demos)
Literate Programming
Music (How to Print)
Penny Mancala and Music Mancala
Quadrifilar Helix (137 MHz)
Sailing (Selected Photos)
TTL Fondly Remembered
Valentine’s Day (Codes and Secrets)
Waltz in F# Minor (Music Engraving)
Zoom and Zune (Music Recording)